10 Pieces of Advice for Founders and Entrepreneurs

Recently Bob and Rob met with Moe Abdou, the visionary creator behind 33voices.com, a resource for entrepreneurs designed to help them develop as leaders and grow their extraordinary ideas into successful businesses. His purpose is to “ignite the ambitions of entrepreneurs, help them grow as people and contribute to inspiring them to build amazing businesses and live extraordinary lives” by connecting them with the world’s greatest thinkers.

After over 23 years of experience coaching entrepreneurs and admittedly being “on the Strengths bandwagon,” Moe was struck by his own blind spot — overusing strengths– after reading Fear. Eager to share this urgent message with the founders and entrepreneurs in his network, Moe distilled these ten key insights from his interview with Bob and Rob:

1. Take your strengths to extremes, and they’ll become your weaknesses.

2. Those who excel at managing themselves have a high level or awareness combined with a thoughtful ear for what others have to say.

3. The first step in identifying your strengths is your awareness — the more important step is when others ratify it.

4. Assertiveness may get you the leadership position, but it’s enabling that keeps you there.

5. Entrepreneurs and founders run the risk of unchecked power. Find a loyal ppposition.

6. When your selection process is rigorous, your development process will be easy. It’s all about alignment and fit.

7. Where there’s excess, there’s lack — manage what matters.

8. Anxiety is often what’s undermining your performance.

9. Be cautious — if you do too much of what your’e good at, you’re likely to do too little of the opposite.

10. Success can often breed overconfidence. Stay humble because better never stops.

Listen to the full interview here.