This brief exercise will help you to identify what strengths you’re in danger of overdoing. It only takes five minutes, and provides tips for how to maximize your strengths — without overdoing it.


Most leaders understand intuitively that “strengths can become weaknesses” when overplayed. Ask them for examples, and they are quick to recall stories about extreme bosses…or over-the-top colleagues…and subordinates who can get carried away. But ask them what they overdo themselves…well, the stories aren’t quite so forthcoming.

It’s perfectly understandable…the way the human visual system is set up, the one thing you can’t see very well is yourself. And besides, you don’t go overboard on purpose; you are usually trying to do your best when you overshoot the mark…even if you don’t realize it.

We designed a brief, five minute exercise to help you identify the leadership strengths that you may overdo. Follow the instructions and find out now. At the end, we also offer some advice for how to make the most of your strengths – without overdoing it.

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