What They're Saying About Fear Your Strengths


"This hugely humane, practical and insightful book brings comfort to the many lopsided leaders out there in the world – offering new of fresh strategies for self-management that can bring them back into balance and fulfillment of their mission.”"

— Nigel Nicholson, London Business School, author of The ‘I’ of Leadership: Strategies for seeing, being and doing (Jossey-Bass)


"The book resonates. It sheds light on a subject that hasn’t been addressed before. We usually say, the weaknesses need to be worked on and the strengths aren’t an issue. I enjoyed the stories. I read it on vacation—that should say something."

— Steve Angel, CEO, Praxair


"It’s a pleasure to read a book packed with new insights into what truly makes leaders effective, especially one written in such a vivid, engaging style. This is an extremely useful guide for leaders seeking a deeper understanding of who they are and how they can lead successfully in a complex, ever-changing world."

— David B. Peterson, Ph. D., Director of Learning & Development, Google Inc.


"Fear Your Strengths has great content, it’s very practical and it’s a quick read."

— James Ryan, CEO, Grainger Inc.


"Another great set of ideas from Kaplan and Kaiser. How often do we hear the advice to ‘build on your strengths?’ That’s just too simple. As a leader you need to constantly adjust your game. This book tells you how."

— Liz Mellon, Executive Director, Duke Corporate Education


"This is a terrific book—powerful, very impactful. Ninety-five percent of the leaders who read it will say, ‘I’ve got some work to do and this book will help me do it."

— John Ryan, president, Center for Creative Leadership


"This brilliantly practical work explains succinctly how to overcome the powerful tendency to misuse your strengths and become more versatile and balanced in your approach to leading. In an hour or so find out how development really works and start changing in ways that matter."

— Michael Lombardo, cofounder, Lominger, Ltd. and author of the bestselling FYI: For Your Improvement


"With insightful examples, this book offers practical ways to deal with leadership strengths that can turn into derailers. I recommend it."

— Mirian Graddick-Weir, Executive Vice-President, Human Resources, Merck


"The practice of executive assessment is overdue for an upgrade. This refreshing book is a big step in the right direction."

— Sandy Ogg, Operating Partner, Private Equity Group, Blackstone

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